Killing three birds with one stone

Earlier this week, I asked Tink to interview me, and she came up with five questions for me and posted them on her blog. Throughout the week I’ve been reading other blogger’s answers to the questions she asked them, and it’s been cool – I like stuff like this, because at one time, albeit briefly,

We found The One

I had a slight breakdown last Thursday night. After eating my weight in chocolate caramel ice cream, I lay on the couch and started thinking about how it was going to be the end of March soon, and that April was creepin’ up like a bad wedge, and how April showers bring fucking May flowers,

The windows to the soul

Sometimes I get the urge to write about something, and it hits me quickly, almost hard. When I get hit with an urge like that it’s usually to write something about my mother, which at times is easy for me to do and other times is extremely hard. Sometimes I write about her and intend

Half of what I say is meaningless…

…but I say it just to reach you, Julia. ~John Lennon I haven’t talked about this in great detail here, but Julia has had a very difficult time with tonsillitis and throat infections this year. She had a bout of tonsillitis a little while ago and her tonsils like, tripled in size, and never went

The reality of it all

My oldest friend and I got pregnant with our firsts within two months of each other, and although I was envious that being eight weeks ahead of me she got to be un-pregnant first, I was secretly relieved that she delivered first because I wanted to know exactly what I was in for. Being my

Best! Week! Ever!

NOT. I said to my dentist back on Wednesday that so far my week had felt like a week of Monday’s. I’m still echoing those sentiments. But I gotta pause for the cause here and give shout out’s to Chris and Anne, who are responsible for two of the few bright spots to shine on

Of illness, broken teeth and weiners

I never made it to my dentist appointment yesterday morning. Julia started with a high fever after we’d put her to bed Tuesday night and just after we’d hit the sack ourselves she started throwing up. As soon as she started heaving I knew there was no way in hell me and my broken tooth

Would I lie to you?

Remember how less than six months ago I had a porcelain veneer put on my piece of shit front tooth, which was a big or deal because I am ridiculously afraid of dental work, and also because during the consultation I had in which the pros and cons of the procedure were laid out for

Let’s get this party started

Today’s the day Dave and I throw our toothbrushes in grocery bags and take off for roughly sixteen hours of kid-free fun. It’s also Dave’s birthday, and although I wanted to craft a lovely post about him in honour of his special day, the last few days around here have been really busy in an