One of those days

There are times when, as a mother, I don’t say what I’m thinking or feeling out loud because I don’t want people to think that I don’t love my children. Or that I’m a bad mother. Sometimes I feel like it’s forgotten that outside of being a mother, I’m human. I do the best that

Cool/Not Cool

Cool: The kids slept in until shortly after 8 this morning. Not Cool: There was a big mess waiting for me in Oliver’s room. Cool: One of my closest friends came for a visit yesterday and spent the night. Not Cool: She brought this cheddar flavoured popcorn with her that, once popped, made the whole

Take your time, September

Things around here are going to change come September. Julia is starting Junior Kindergarten at a nearby French school which means my days of having two kids underfoot are numbered. Pretty soon it’ll be me and Oliver hangin’ out together, because the school Julia is attending starts their JK’s off with full days.

The countdown has begun

This Saturday is a big day for us. Not only is it Dave’s birthday, it’ll go down in history as the first time we have ever gone away overnight and left our darling offspring behind. In honour of my grandmother’s 90th birthday the following Monday, my aunt and uncle are throwing a party at their

Weekend highs and lows

High: We finally painted our bedroom this weekend and it looks really, really good. Low: Did I say we? Oopsie. We didn’t paint our bedroom this weekend. I painted our bedroom this weekend. I wanted to do it, because I find stark white walls with no pictures hanging on them a tad unsettling and also

The Plate

One afternoon a few weeks before my mum died she told me I’d probably find things hidden in her house when I started to clean it out. I smiled to myself when she said that, because she was famous for squirreling things away and not being able to find them later. She told me there

The Best Thing Ever

As luck would have it, two kids – Neighbour Boy, eight and Neighbour Girl, five – live just down the road from us. They’ve come over several times to play and on Friday, Julia went over to their house for the first time. I stood at the gate and watched her dash excitedly across the

Back in business

Sweet, sweet Internet. How I’ve missed you. We’re here at our new house and we are LOVING IT. Last Thursday night I hit a point where, upon looking around my house and seeing just what we were up against – the boxes stacked so high I couldn’t see over them, the piles of garbage bags,